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Welcome to Syllogism Education Institute

Why Choose Us?​


The modern abacus comes from Japan, where it has had 500 years of history: we are the only authentic Japanese abacus school in the UAE.

We have Experience

Our brand has over 47 years of experience.

We have Results

A number of world champions, 270 schools, and more than 20,000 enrolled students.


As a method, we have exclusively taught abacus/mental arithmetic for 45 years (other methods will include abacus as part of their curriculum, so they are not able to go very deep into it, we are experts).


Mr. Rodrigo holds an MPhil in Mathematics Education from the University of Cambridge, UK, where he specialised in the study of the mental representations of number in abacus-trained children and won a best dissertation award from the Faculty of Education.

Made in Japan QUALITY

Mr. Rodrigo trained as a teacher for three years in Japan, where he also taught abacus, gained the “Soroban Foundation of Japan” Abacus Federation’s instructor qualification. This enables us to provide the renowned quality and discipline of Japanese education whilst at the same time making the learning process enjoyable.


Not trainers or businessmen: we teach primarily because it’s our vocation; we love both our subject, and our students, as individuals. The result is that we put education, as our priority. So we do not simply train for skill, but at the same time also cultivate logic, manners and attitude. 

We offer INDIVIDUAL support

We teach according to each child’s ability and level of understanding so each student advances at his own pace; we have both introductory and reinforcing teaching materials for each level.

We have a high standard of DISCIPLINE

We are not money-driven. We are a selective school, so we conduct a mandatory preliminary trial lesson to evaluate the children’s behaviour and parents commitment in order to ensure that your child will only be surrounded by children who want to make the best use of time. This means higher productivity and less wasted time and money.


We design the timings to optimise learning (each class lasts up to an hour) and you can choose between 1 and 3 one-hour slots per week, Saturday to Thursday mornings or afternoons.


Mr. Rodrigo has experience teaching abacus in English, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish, speaks eight languages, and has lived in seven different countries. You don’t need to learn Japanese and live in Japan to learn from the masters! We have done that for you so you can learn in Dubai!


We have online learning resources

Practise and reinforce the learned material at home anytime

Message from our founder

Dear Visitor,

Thank you very much for visiting our Institute’s website.  I hope you will enjoy learning with us!

Best wishes,

Rodrigo Vasquez

Founder and Managing Director

About our founder


MPhil in Maths Education
MSc in Quantitative Finance
MSc in Nanoscale Science
BSc in Physics

Distinction and best dissertation award from the University of Cambridge for M.Phil research on abacus-trained children


Several years of experience teaching abacus and maths in Japan, China, UK and UAE


English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic


Abacus Instructor Licence  (All Japan Abacus Federation 2015)

University of Cambridge Faculty of Education Best Dissertation Award (Maths Education)

Rodrigo Vasquez
Managing Director

Some of the ISHIDO-SHIKI schools in Japan

News & Blogs

Upside down!

Rush! Today is the last day you can take this picture!  Only in BurJuman Centre!

Try this fun abacus activity!

Navnit has passed the 8th rank abacus exam!

Great job, Navnit!  Keep up the good work!

Congratulations to Floris Melis for passing both 9th and 8th rank abacus exams!

Great job Floris!  Let's give him a big round of applause!

Congratulations to Mishal for passing her first abacus exam!

Mishal has passed the 9th rank abacus examination from the Japanese Abacus Federation in our Institute and is now preparing for the 8th rank exam.  We're very proud of you,

Congratulations to Mayur and Sofiel for passing the 7th rank abacus exam!

Good Job Sofiel and Mayur!

Get your Abacus Point Cards!

Abacus Gorilla! Abacus Ninja!  Abacus Dragon!  Abacus Ranger! Attendance + Good Behaviour + Diligence = Abacus point cards from Japan!  Only at Syllogism Education Institute's ISHIDO-SHIKI abacus school!  Earn point

Whitebear visits BurJuman Summer Farm!

Whitebear recently visited the BurJuman Summer Farm and he absolutely loved it!  He saw many animals, fruits and vegetables, and made many friends.  Come and join the fun!  And don't

Join our summer abacus courses!

We have summer abacus courses for all ages, morning and afternoon slots to suit your schedule!  12-, 24- and 36-session packages are available, and during the summer, you can choose

Welcome to Krishiv and Anvi!

Welcome to siblings Krishiv and Anvi, who recently enrolled in our ISHIDO-SHIKI abacus school at Syllogism Education Institute!

Congratulations to Gabriel for passing his first abacus exam!

7 year-old Gabriel Checinski has passed his first abacus exam with flying colours!  He now holds the 9th rank in abacus from the Japanese abacus federation, and is preparing for

Children from different countries are enjoying abacus!

Recently, these two lovely girls from Kazakhstan and Nigeria came for a Free 1hr abacus class with their gift voucher.  Children from all over the world are enjoying our abacus


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