Syllogism Education Institute

Congratulations to Shahistnaz Patel for passing the 7th Rank Exam and opening her own fashion outlet!

Shahistnaz has been moving up the ranks very quickly, aiming at reaching the 1st rank one day.  Her next challenge will be the sixth rank, which will be a milestone in this journey, as she will have to learn quite a few things, but as we know, she has a lot of discipline and determination, so we’re sure she will tackle it without any difficulties.

For now, she is taking a break to set up her own business, which is a fashion outlet located near our school!  We are very proud of her and wish her all the best in this new venture!  You can visit the shop at Atrium Business Centre in Bur Dubai!  By the way, if you visit her shop, once she reaches the 3rd rank, don’t hesitate to ask her to calculate the bill with the abacus!

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