Syllogism Education Institute

Our founder visits ISHIDO-SHIKI founder, Mr Kenichi Ishido In Japan

In his January 2020 visit to the abacus museum in Shiroi, Japan, Mr. Rodrigo met with Mr. Kenichi Ishido, founder of the ISHIDO-SHIKI method, and other franchisees for their annual meeting.  It was a great time to discuss the challenges and opportunities in abacus education all over the world, and to get insights from this abacus master in Japan.  At the museum one can learn not only the rich history that the abacus has had in Japan, both in commerce and education, but also to see how Japan has managed to adapt and preserve this art in the face of modern challenges arising from social, economical, technological and even political factors.  It is encouraging to see how the abacus is thriving in Japan once again!

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