Founder’s Message


At ISHIDO-SHIKI, place a high value on independence and self-discipline in education.
In some cases, greetings, wording, and courtesy practices are taught more strictly than at home.
If a child drops a rubber on the floor, we might say “Please pick it up yourself”, or we may insist that he pack things with his own hand.
We also inculcate the importance of continuing.
The abacus the habit of persevering is essential. There are no tips to improve easily.
There is the strictness that “you have to keep doing it even if it is difficult”.
That’s why we try to work positively while incorporating fun in the training.
I try to gain the experience of working hard when I am child, so that when I become an adult. I will not give up as soon as I go out into society.

About the  Founder


Best dissertation award from the University of Cambridge on the topic of Abacus Children


Several years of experience teaching abacus and maths in Japan, China, UK and UAE


Abacus Instructor Licence
(Soroban Foundation of Japan, 2015)


The aim of education is not simply skill, but to produce a complete human being, and we can only achieve this if we teach a child how to think.




Our Teachers

Mr. Govindasamy

Programming teacher

Mr. Carlos Vasquez

Head of Programming Education, Programming Teacher